Logistics Prices Consideration within the Financial Evaluation of Waste Frying Oil Based mostly Biodiesel

Summary– Except for decreasing the environmental downside of meals service companies uncontrolled disposal of waste oil, Waste Frying Oils (WFOs) primarily based biodiesel additionally cuts the economic system’s dependence on restricted assets and petroleum-based diesel imports. On this examine, a way for evaluating the prices of biodiesel manufacturing from WFOs was proposed with the purpose of growing an financial analysis of this various. A logistics side is seldom explored within the calculation of such feasibilities. This examine addresses this price by figuring out optimum automobile routing techniques to include within the whole biodiesel price. The capital of Lebanon, Beirut, was chosen because the survey zone because it holds a large number of eating places and motels. The one biodiesel manufacturing plant in Lebanon was surveyed to find out the manufacturing, chemical substances, labor and tax prices along with glycerin and fatty acids’ esters (FAEs) credit. Finally, a comparability between eightyone situations of the biodiesel prices and the knowledge on the commercialization of diesel in Lebanon was realized. The outcomes verify the financial feasibility of WFOs’ biodiesel manufacturing within the studied space, and will help maintain a wholesome growth of the biodiesel trade in Lebanon.


Renewable energies are thought of vital assets in lots of international locations all over the world. A number of research have proven that lowered carbon emission could possibly be achieved via an elevated use of intermittent renewable vitality sources [1-2]. Biomass is essentially the most frequent type of renewable vitality [3-4] and might be transformed to different utilizable types of vitality like biofuels. Amongst biofuels, biodiesel is among the potential alternate options to petroleum [5-6]. The American Society for Testing and Supplies (ASTM) defines biodiesel as monoalkyl esters of lengthy chain fatty acids derived from a renewable lipid feedstock, similar to vegetable oil or animal fats [7].

Biodiesel has related traits to fossil diesel gas with the completely different benefits of being non-toxic, readily biodegradable, and cleaner burning than petroleum diesel [8- 9]. It considerably diminishes the emission of dangerous air pollution together with carbon monoxide, unburned hydrocarbons, particulate matter, and sulfur dioxide [10]. Nevertheless, the excessive price of biodiesel is the key obstruction for its commercialization. Biodiesel produced from vegetable oil or animal fats is normally dearer than petroleumbased diesel gas by 10 to 50% [11]. In comparison with uncooked vegetable oils, waste frying oils (WFOs) are thought of as cheaper biodiesel feedstock that may effectively cut back uncooked materials cost [12]. Despite the fact that the commerce value of waste oils has been raised not too long ago in growing international locations, WFOs are nonetheless decrease price feedstocks making biodiesel manufacturing extra aggressive to the manufacturing of petroleum-based diesel gas [13]. Moreover its financial attraction for lowering reliance on imports of petroleum-based diesel and restricted gas assets, using WFOs in biodiesel manufacturing additionally contributes to decreasing the quantities of WFOs being dumped into landfills and sewers [14].

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